Monday, September 30, 2013


tells me that this is the week to put my potatoes in. But he cautions against doing it today because "the moon isn't right". I have a lot to learn, don't I?

I did sow some tomatoes though - amish paste, black krim, purple russian, giant rainbow and hungarian heart.

I smell rain in the air. Which will disappoint Paul who has just re-done the re-seeding.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

First bread!

Paul  has been making bread for the last couple of weeks and I'm making my first loaf today. Also doing the second batch of marmalade from this recipe. The first one was wonderful!

Rocket laid again. She's very delicate about it  :) Eggs are impeccably clean. What a chicken!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

We're back -

We had to go away for a few days while the floors were sanded.

The weather this week has been most odd. Very cold, and three days of rain, then very high winds and rather hot (25+ degrees). The garden seems to cope better than I do. One of the Rockets has started to lay  :)

The apple trees are flowering, the plum is beginning to plum and the michaelis hedge is one of the prettiest things I've ever seen. I adore this place!

Today I put in another row of spinach, two rows of fennel, a row of carrots and radish (we're eating those other radishes now) and a few more beans. But I was watering most of the day because oh! those winds!

My regime at the moment in the vegie garden is weed one and feed two beds each day. Full watering happens every second day for ten minutes.

In seed news, the brandywine and jaune flamme tomatoes are up, but still a long way from transplant sized. The yellow and red grapes are flowering.

Friday, September 20, 2013

So - 14th - 17th

was cold with buckets of rain. Then gorgeous weather, warming, but very high winds. And today it's raining again.

We may have lost all the lawn seeds in the deluge - we'll wait and see.

During the gorgeous patch, I stuck in a couple of oxheart tomato seedlings from the local centre along wiht the eggplants and some zucchini seeds

Bowral Weather

Current Temp:10.1°CHumidity: 59%Pressure:1007.8hPa
Feels like: 7.5°CWind Speed: 20kp/h (Gusts: 28kp/h)
Dew Point: 2.5°CWind Direction: N/A
Current Observations @ 20/09/2013 8:00:00 AM
Friday, September 206°C - 15°C   Possible shower   Possible shower
Saturday, September 215°C - 18°C   Mostly sunny   Mostly sunny
Sunday, September 224°C - 16°C   Possible shower   Possible shower
Monday, September 237°C - 20°C   Sunny   Sunny

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cooler, again...

Current Temp:8.4°CHumidity: 80%Pressure: 1015.2hPa
Feels like: 6.2°CWind Speed: 13kp/h (Gusts: 18kp/h)
Dew Point: 5.2°CWind Direction: N/A

and the house and garden are simply awash with tradies. We do love our tradies  :)

We topsoiled the lawns today, which took 8 tons all up) and then seeded. Now we just have to keep the water up to it.

It should be a couple of years before we need to repeat this. (We cored at the same time we did the grub treatment) 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cooler night, cooler morning

It was a much cooler night last night, and a cooler morning.

I'm going to cheat today, and buy some flowers as seedlings from the local place. I want to get the area around the vegies looking as pretty as Mark's place. I already have (thank you Jonathon) daffodils, jonquils, white violets and blue forget-me-nots. And bluebells (thank you, David Prior) . I put in some white cosmos, and the hollyhocks, and I want some nemesia and linaria.

I want it to look quite wild and beautiful and vaguely Italian. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Glorious morning!

Warm and lovely, but quite windy.

Joss's hollyhocks are going in today (not a great germination rate yet - these came up very early.) They're going under the olive trees to start with,, and when I know what colour they are (in a year or two) the others might go in by the front door  :)

Today is Tuesday, which is Water The Raspberries day. The little sweetpeas I put in as Jonathon suggested by Paul's office are on their way up (I'll water them, too) but there is still no sign of the beans. At least - there is - they're just lying there, being beans. Those climing tomatoes, on the other hand are sprouting up among the stones. I'm going to rescue a coupls just in case the others drown under the lucerne mulching we did.
Current Temp:22.5°CHumidity: 26%Pressure:1004.5hPa
Feels like: 22.5°CWind Speed: 39kp/h (Gusts: 72kp/h)
Dew Point: 2.1°CWind Direction: N/A

Two pea pods (both on the massey peas).

Paul handspread 100 k of gypsum on the lawns (400sqm) - and watered it in.

We hear there are nasty fires in Sydney, and temps of 30+. Here it's windy and warm, but pleasant. Our yellow Builder told us not to light any fires, though. I think he suspects that we're stupid city people. He's probably right.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Good morning!

Monday is (amongst other things) Water The Roses and Strawberries Day. As the summer comes on, I'll do that in the mornings, but while the tradies are working out there, leave it till after they've gone.

This is what the working part of the garden looks like right now. We have spinach, chard, kale, lettuce, beetroot, peas, early climbing beans, cabbage, cauliflower, potatoes (Jonathons - self-sown: I know it's too early!!! ) broccoli, broccolini, radishes, chillis, sweet chillis, garlic, (Jonathon put it in for us during the settlement phase and it's just about ready for harvest) carrots, pak choy, and the fruit trees - three apples, a prolific orange, a lemon that Jonathon's mother-in-law brought in Forbes. Oh, and the strawberries. And four kinds of thornless berries along the fence and two olive trees. And a nectarine.

And the chickens of course.

Except for Jonathon's work (the layout, the fruit and berries, the garlic, the soil, the compost - god, but we're lucky!) all this is in the very early stages - at the moment we're taking in oranges and leafy greens and that's all. (And the herbs from the herb pots - photos of herbs later.)

Bowral Weather

Current Temp:13.6°CHumidity: 84%Pressure:1021.8hPa
Feels like: 12°CWind Speed: 18kp/h (Gusts: 30kp/h)
Dew Point: 10.9°CWind Direction: N/A
Current Observations @ 9/09/2013 8:00:00 AM
Monday, September 0910°C - 22°C   Fog then sunny   Fog then sunny
Tuesday, September 1014°C - 21°C   Windy   Windy
Wednesday, September 117°C - 15°C   Mostly sunny   Mostly sunny
Thursday, September 125°C - 14°C   Mostly sunny   Mostly sunny

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Coolish morning today -

and cloudy.

The plum tree has lost its blossom and gone into beautiful pink leaves. Got to identify the white tree - it's so beautiful and full of wrens.

Current Temp: 11.1°CHumidity: 92%Pressure: 1026.8hPa
Feels like: 10.4°CWind Speed: 7kp/h (Gusts: 9kp/h)
Dew Point: 9.9°CWind Direction: N/A

The job today for Paul is to spray (Acelepryn) for grubs, using 90ml for the entire property. Usually this would be done mid-Sept, but we have a lot to get through. . This is the latest in his maintenance jobs - last week he sprayed (Confidor)  for scale on the Viburnum ( broadleafed hedge) at the front and sides.

In June, he and David Prior dead-headed all the front garden plants that required it,. David pruned the roses in late August. 

We drove out to the abandoned saleyards Paul had  found up on the road to the Wombeyan Caves today, and collected the promised fence posts for the new walk into the chamomile lawn. And I got a few for the vegie garden as well.  They are so very pretty  :)  

Fen (AW) mentioned today that blossoms on determinate plant (esp chillies, eggplant, bush tomatoes) should be plucked until the bush has reached 1/2 its adult size.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Imma start a garden journal and keep it here

View to the front garden today. Beautiful, yes?

It's very warm here today.
Current Temp:23.7°CHumidity: 25%Pressure:1021.8hPa
Feels like: 23.7°CWind Speed: 30kp/h (Gusts: 48kp/h)
Dew Point: 2.5°CWind Direction: N/A

Despite the advice of the Old Locals, I put some tomatoes in yesterday (not till Labour day! No tomatoes in before Labour day!) and I'm sure they'll be proved right, but honestly how patient am I expected to be? I put in four Black Russian, two Yellow Pear and a Red Grape - all heritage. The Yellow Pears I put into containers (thank you, The Helpful Gardener blog) - and the red grape as well, just to be sure.

I also sowed six Jaune Flamme and six Brandywine.

Tomorrow I'll take a shot of the vegie patch, and note how everything else is going. Also, tomorrow - Jocelyne's hollyhocks go in :)